Why I Love Entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses for a long time.  I’ve got a great deal of respect for people who chose to start a business.  It’s hard work.  There are long hours required to fulfill big ambitions.  It’s not an easy path.

But I continue to work with entrepreneurs because I love it.  It can be frustrating and the ride a bit bumpy but it’s always educational and usually lots of fun!

I love working with people who inspire me.

So here’s my Top 10 List of Why I Love Entrepreneurs…

  1. They embrace change.
  2. They are hard workers.
  3. They are creative thinkers.
  4. They have a sense of community.
  5. They are passionate.
  6. They dream big.
  7. They want to do something well.
  8. They are multi-taskers.
  9. They can stretch a dollar.
  10. They’re a bit crazy.  It helps.

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