Jeff Boyko

Owner of Castle Currency Management

“Like many entrepreneurs it is hard to think someone outside can deliver enough value to compete for our time or budget.  That desire to do things ourselves and our way defines us as entrepreneurs.  However, from the moment I met Kim, I found myself wanting to spend more time with this insightful and creative person to help us learn more about ourselves and how to better connect to our customers.  The Storytelling4 Entrepreneurs Workbook was a simply refreshing way to step back and look at our business from the foundation.  Kim’s contribution to our company has certainly accelerated our growth path and sharpened our focus. ”

Marlene Hielema

Owner of ImageMaven

“Been working on business planning this week with Kim McDonald. She wrote this awesome book about how to tell your story, but it’s really a backdoor way into your “business plan” without actually calling it that. Because really, who wants to work on a business plan? I don’t. But magically I am.”

Darryl Warren

Owner of Avid Inspections

“I’ve been working with Kim McDonald to create marketing strategies for my home inspection business.  In the home inspection field, there seems to be only one mode of operation.  Get to know the realtors, and hope they decide to use your services.

I went through the motions of hiring other internet marketing specialists to help get my business “on the radar”.  They seem to want nothing more than to push your company name up on the search list, but there is no information on how to promote your company, or how to identify your target audience.  This is where Storytelling will help.

Using the unique Storytelling methodology, we were able to identify a unique marketing strategy that paid off within two weeks.  I started getting inspection calls that were totally unrelated to Realtor referrals.  This is truly marketing for those of us who are not business majors.  I don’t need to understand the jargon of marketing, just learn to tell my story.  By the end of this you will have a clear idea of where you want to take your business and a real plan for how to get there and in a language you can understand.  It really worked.”

Michael Magee

Digital Media, Business and Education Entrepreneur

“Kim did a fantastic job providing [our organization] with a detailed market analysis that gave us the ability to decide on the future direction of our technology development and market focus. Her networking skills gave us access to expertise and feedback that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.”

Shamsu Bhaidani

President of Focus Forums

“What I really appreciated about Kim is the amount of care she showed for our company and our success. We hired Kim not knowing the kinds of results we should expect and were very happy with the outcomes. Her work has paid immediate dividends and I expect that we will grow positively based on the foundation she has helped us lay down.”