SlideDeck 2 for WordPress FAQs

Where do I start?
To see instant results, click on the FeedDeck icon below, then choose RSS. You can also choose VideoDeck and select the YouTube content source. Or choose a category or source below to your liking.

What are some things I can do with SlideDeck 2?
You can create ImageDecks from your WordPress images or other image sources like Flickr, Instagram or Google+/Picasa. Or create a VideoDeck from your YouTube account or a list of videos.

What are Lenses?
Lenses are like skins on steroids. They can perform logic, have many options to help you tailor your deck to your specific needs.

What happened to custom content SlideDecks?
In SlideDeck 2 we focussed more on presenting your existing content in a compelling way. This means less work for you and better looking SlideDecks. We now fully support custom post-types and taxonomies, so you can author your content that way as well.

What happened to my old SlideDecks if I upgraded to SlideDeck 2?
Nothing, they are still there. SlideDeck 2 runs as a completely independent plugin and will not affect your existing SlideDecks.

If I notice a bug, where do I report it?
You can click on the Give Feedback tab on the right which directs to